Maintenance of Subway Line No. 9

As specialists in maintaining railway trains, we are responsible for maintaining the trains of Seoul Metropolitan Subway Line No. 9.

Interim inspection

The aim of the inspection is to inspect the operating condition of each part of the subway train, the features and the status of main devices, and to this end, involves the replacement of consumables and refueling based on the standard refueling table.

Regular inspection

The aim of the inspection is to dissect each of the parts, repair and test them to ensure that subway train features work properly in the next regular inspection 4 years or 8 years later.

MAGLEV Train Maintenance

This involves driving, operating, maintaining and inspecting the maglev train facility at the National Science Museum.

Subway train cleaning and station management

We are commissioned to clean the subway trains of Line No. 9 and its 25 stations(from Gaehwa Station through Shinnonhyeon Station), and to manage the base station of Gaehwa. We are constantly working to deliver the best quality service.

Overview of our maintenance procedures