Corporate title MAINTRANS Co., Ltd
Date founded June 24 2008
CEO Choi Nam-Duck
Core business Subway train maintenance / engineering service
Location 38, 8-gil, Gaehwadong-ro, Gangseogu, Seoul
Contact Phone number: 02-2656-0815 / FAX: 02-2656-0808
Other Affiliate of HYUNDAI Motor Group

Corporate History

Oct. Quality management system (ISO9001) authentication
Jun. Industrial safety health (OHSAS18001) authentication
Mar. Launched 2-stage service of Subway Line No. 9
Mar. Signed 2-stage maintenance contract for Subway Line NO. 9

Dec. Started regular inspection (8Y) of Subway Line NO. 9
Sep. Launched subway trains engineering business

Oct. Signed new maintenance contract following project restructuring

Oct. Started regular inspection of Subway Line No. 9 trains (4Y)
Oct. Increased trains of Subway Line NO. 9 (Increase of 12 trains, total of 36 trains in operation, 144 carriages)
Sep. Operated maglev train at National Science Museum in Daejeon and started maintenance service

July. Launched operation of 1-stage section of Subway Line NO. 9 of Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation (96 carriages in 26 trains in operation)

June. June: Founded the corporation

Vision and 2020 management goal

Authentication status


OHSAS 18001 is the international standard for the organizational health and safety management system, and aims to identify risk factors and steadily control them in order to prevent industrial incidents.

Authenticated in June 2015


ISO9001 is the standard developed and applied by the International Standards Organization, and aims to authenticate compliance with the minimum requirements that an organization should fulfill in relation to products and services.

Authenticated in Oct. 2015